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ImplodingVoice 03-15-19 02:51 PM

ISO: Mezzo folding bike
Hi, this is my first post on Bike Forums. I recently discovered the Mezzo bike here on this forum. I'm interested to ride one to see if it works for me, and perhaps to buy one. I see them listed on eBay, though I don't see anything in the USA, where I live. Are there any Mezzo bikes here in the US?

Joe Remi 03-15-19 11:37 PM

Not unless you stumble on a used one, Mezzo is long gone from these shores. They're still marketed as Ori overseas.

zebede 03-17-19 07:05 AM

I just sold mine (downsizing the fleet), I suggest you go to the big mezzo thread on this forum, you can find out just about anything you want to know.

IMO they are (were) a top shelf product and never took off here because of to many high quality well established bikes in the same niche. But for that reason when you do find them used, they sell for far less than a used bromton or bike friday etc... I sold my I4 for $250. To me thats a great price for a great bike. good luck

ImplodingVoice 03-17-19 08:30 PM

Thanks for your replies. While it is true these are difficult-to-find bikes here in the US, I'm continuing to search for a Mezzo bike here in the US so I can at least see one in person before continuing my search to purchase one.

Roegmann 03-18-19 07:32 AM

They are sold in Mexico City and they used to have a distributor in Guadalajara (I believe they ship to the US). The Mexico version of Amazon (no US delivery) also sells them. There are a couple of businesses that act like an Amazon locker in Tijuana and you can have the bike shipped there. A few years ago, a guy I knew in Chula Vista did just that. Of course, none you test ride unless you make a vacation out of it.

foldupJim 05-02-19 12:45 PM

I can't believe these things are 'out there;, all over the world...!

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