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Raxel 04-16-19 11:15 PM

2019 Brompton painting issue

Pinigis 04-17-19 05:52 AM

What are we looking at?

dahoneezz 04-17-19 05:58 AM

Looks like Ti. Recent painted Ti is Chpt 3, but that bike has no fenders. :foo: Maybe painting Ti has its own peculiarities.

Raxel 04-17-19 06:14 AM

It's a brand new 2019 black edition superlight, with painted titanium parts. Seems they don't know how to paint titanium properly yet.

Pinigis 04-17-19 07:48 AM

What is the broken stuff in the first photo?

BruceMetras 04-17-19 08:11 AM

Originally Posted by Pinigis (Post 20888421)
What is the broken stuff in the first photo?

Paint from the bare dropouts I'd guess.

FolderBeholder 04-17-19 08:32 AM

Paint, not powdercoat? (the steel Bromptons are powdercoated. Ti?)

If it's paint, I can't offer anything but sympathy.

Powdercoat? Wasn't baked hot/long enough,,,,

Warranty issue.

fietsbob 04-17-19 12:49 PM

Not Powder coat ? , maybe surface prep was inadequate,
or just wear and tear from the few rimes of mounting the wheels was enough..

Its done now, just ride the bike? OR pull the fork, have it powder coated.?

maybe they are hard pressed to keep up with demand..

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