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wangta01 06-29-05 10:20 PM

Hi guys,

I live in NYC and am seriously thinking of buying the Dahon Jetstream P8. Just wondering if anybody else had this bike in the city. There are some serious potholes on some of the NYC streets and I'd like as much cushioning as possible. Have a couple questions for any pepes with this bike:

1) I'm 6'0", around 180 lbs, is this bike too small for me?

2) Where have people bought this bike? Any suggestions on retailers in the NYC area vs online people?

3) Should I just upgrade to the XP? I'm not sure what the difference is besides weight and paint :)

Thanks guys and gals,


James H Haury 06-30-05 10:13 AM

Check on the Dahon Forums site, as well.One member has his full suspension Gotham City up for sale.

wangta01 06-30-05 06:13 PM

Thanks for the suggetion - i will certainly check that forum out.

Just wondering what people think I should get - i'm fighting between the Jetstream (P8 or XP) and the SpeedPro.

Trying to find something that really knocks one over the other.

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