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AltTransSkr 06-30-05 02:50 PM

Dahon Boardwalk
Thanks, everyone, for your helpful responses on my other thread about the Cadenza. Of course, I'm still waiting for it to be available.

Later this evening, I'm going to look at the Dahon Boardwalk and LL Bean carrying bag that someone in my area is selling for $150. Is there anything in particular for which I should be on the lookout? This would be my first folding bike.

folder fanatic 06-30-05 04:31 PM

Check the frame, handlebar, stem and seatpost quick release latches for wear and possible damage. When the bike is locked in the riding position, check frame for trueness (no bending) and for major rust, dents and other accidental damage. Spin each wheel and see if wheels are true. Check out any strange noices as you continue to spin wheels. Check the shifter for moving smoothly between gears. Check tires for wear. Check brake pads, cables, and the derailleur for kinks and wear. Check pedals for cracks and looseness. See if all bolts, nuts and screws are tight and not stripped. Then take it out on a slow, then faster test ride. Decide if the things needed to fix or replace is worth your time and money. Sometimes a little oil and tighting the bolts, nuts and screws are enough.

Another warning: Be careful who is selling the bicycle. I wanted to purchase a good used Classic 16" that was about 10 years old a month ago. I did not as the man was selling alot more household appliances, televisions, radios, wheelchairs, and even another bike that the average famility or two would not purchase even over a twenty year period (I also live in a high crime neighborhood.)

Good luck with your bike and let us know what happens with your purchase!

AltTransSkr 06-30-05 05:43 PM

Thanks for the solid advice. Follow-up: did not buy. Looks like I'm still waiting for the Dahon Cadenza!

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