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NewburyOne 11-22-19 06:29 AM

Brompton Choices
I have a choice of 2 2nd hand Bromptons, both from original owners with paperwork.

2012 M3L Raw Lacquer in almost new condition, barely any signs of use.

2015 S2L Black Special Edition in very good but slightly more used condition.

As it's my first Brommie I wondered what peoples thoughts are on best option. The 2012 is 15% cheaper. The 2015 has upgraded Brooks B17 seat and grips.

bargainguy 11-22-19 07:39 AM

The S2L is a two-speed derailleur drivetrain, whereas the M3L is a three-speed internal hub drivetrain.

The S2L is a lighter bike, and the gear range is not as wide as the M3L. That's the biggest difference other than the raw lacquer finish.

Much will depend upon your gearing preference. Personally, I find the M3L (I have one) geared way too high. Might be just right for you, tho.

blakcloud 11-24-19 04:01 AM

I would take the two speed over the 3 speed for the reasons stated by Bargainguy. Also, and the Brompton experts can correct me if I am wrong, there were two subtle changes made in between those years. The crank/bottom bracket changed from ISO standard to JIS. The older ISO bottom brackets are harder to find. Also the brake levers changed to a much nicer and sleeker design.

But my needs may not be your needs. I know my wife would want the 3 speed over the two and she could care or less about bottom bracket standards and brake levers.

Good luck with what ever you decide.

bikebikebike 11-26-19 03:08 PM

Two speed can always be upgraded to a 6 . runs about ~$300. Three to six slightly more
less ebay sale of extra wheel. Takes 30 min to swap out, plus you bond with the bike,
and learn how to keep things adjusted for max performance.

Other than scuffing, unless the fool lived on the thing, there is not much to wear
3 speeds for me are OK just slower/relaxed tempo, if your style is "mashing" rather than "spinning"
I'm a lame old guy, so I need all the help I can get. 2speed is adequate, if you lack hills, or are a fixie kind of guy.

'15 sounds sweet

Joe Remi 11-26-19 08:00 PM

Riding position matters a lot. M bars are significantly taller than S.

Schwinnsta 11-26-19 09:32 PM

If you can get by with the two speed, it is nice way to go. The Sturmey Archer hub adds weight and complication. I still would recommend it if you need it. It makes changing a flat more complicated. I added a third cog to my 2 speed set up, but I shift it with a friction shifter. I like that set up but I live in a flat world.

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