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12boy 02-14-20 03:38 PM

Velo Orange Neutrino
Has anyone actually ridden one of well do they ride and how much do they weigh?

Pahana 02-15-20 07:54 PM

I was looking at this bike online a few days ago and it looks super nice. Looks like a good alternative to a Moulton. I know the Moulton comes apart but it's not a folding bike. I watched a video of a guy taking apart a Moulton and it wasn't too easy. The Neutrino has great big tires like an older person needs without an outdated suspension. Anyway 20 inch wheel bikes don't do very well off road. I would like to see the Neutrino come with an internal hub and a $1500 dollar price tag. In the future I can see buying the frame set and building up a 3 speed bike. I can't imagine that there is a big market for this bike so I don't think you can wait to long to buy one.
There are a few reviews online just Google Velo Orange Neutrino.

concreteone 02-16-20 03:38 AM

It's not folding isn't it?

Pahana 02-16-20 08:42 AM

It's a mini velo but they are small wheeled bikes and can be used for travel.

Jipe 02-16-20 02:57 PM

This Velo Orange Neutrino has a classic frame and no suspension. Its a small wheeled classic bike.

Nothing in common with a Moulton which is a totally different concept: a very stiff multi tubular space frame, much stiffer than a classic diamond frame, combined with full suspension and small wheels.

For the size, the separable Moulton, even if bigger than a folding like a Brompton or Birdy, is smaller to transport than the Neutrino.

PDKL45 02-16-20 05:20 PM

Originally Posted by Pahana (Post 21329370)
I can't imagine that there is a big market for this bike so I don't think you can wait to long to buy one.

Apparently Velo Orange have sold out of every batch they have made in record time. I guess have haven't been all that popular in the US, but mini velos, both folding and non-folding, are really popular in Asia. And if Igor's (current owner of VO) on the level--and I can't see why he wouldn't be--their time has come in the US as well. There was also a popular recent post on the Radavist of a Japanese guy's gravel mini velo, that was being ridden on the Tour Divide route, that could quite easily be replicated with a Neutrino frame set.

Jipe 02-17-20 03:39 AM

There are many brands making this kind of mini-velo in Japan, some fold, some other not.

One of the best is Tyrell. There is the well known Tyrell Ives folding but there are several other higher end models.

Japan is also one of the biggest market for high end Moulton.

tds101 02-17-20 06:36 PM

Jipe 02-18-20 04:15 PM

Small wheel gravel bike

tds101 02-18-20 06:11 PM

Real mini-velo gravel bike,... :p

john m flores 02-18-20 11:11 PM

Those mini gravels are screaming for internally-geared rear hubs...

3speedslow 02-19-20 12:57 PM

This thread has got me looking at mini velo bikes! I read that the C-virus is playing havoc with the shipping schedule.

dezzie 02-19-20 04:27 PM

Type Velo Orange Neutrino into Instagram search, i have seen them with a Rholhoff hub and many other gorgeous custom variations.

tim24k 02-20-20 04:11 AM

I’ve been eyeing the fat tire Velo Orange Neutrino for some time now. I love my Dahon Smooth Hound and a HammerHead mini velos. Both of them are the none folding models. A fat tired Neutrino would fit right in, but I’m having a hard time with the $2,500 price for something I can’t see and ride before I buy.

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