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prudsouth 09-24-20 03:56 PM

New member..I have an older HON that I bought from the original owner about 10 years ago: two questions, does it have a serial # somewhere, and what crank bushing kit does it take?

calgarc 09-24-20 05:22 PM

post pictures so we can see. It will give us a better understanding

rhenning 09-26-20 07:07 AM

I have the same bike. They were Hons first bike and made in the mid 1980s if it says Hon California on it and continued on for years under the Dahon name. There are no bushings in the bottom bracket that I ever saw. There are bearings but they are similar to most bikes. Serial numbers are on them but will not really help finding about them. Not a bad bike but not a great bike. Most that I have seen are red in color. Roger

zebede 09-27-20 05:10 AM

This not the OP, but some pics I where I rehabilatated one a few years ago, I have done several but never had to replace the bottom bracket. The pictures show they are a traditional cup and cone and I would bet they are the common 68 mm English thread.

These bikes are probably the most common used folding bike around here at least. They are what put folding bikes on my radar and can be fun. I have since moved on to newer and better folding bikes, but If I see one of these at a garage sale for a very small price they are hard to pass up. I have rehabed and resold maybe half dozen.

calgarc 09-27-20 07:36 AM

I had a similiar setup on the folder I recently built. FSA makes great square taper sealed BBs if you don't want to replace the crankset.

prudsouth 09-27-20 02:59 PM

Thanks for the help...I'm an old fella who hasn't worked on bikes in decades but will start having your advice.

prudsouth 09-28-20 02:41 PM

is this what I need?
Is this what I need: FSA BB7420 STEEL CARTRIDGE BB, JIS - 68x116mm

rhenning 09-28-20 02:58 PM

You buy the BB by the brand of crank you are using. The box the crank comes in will tell you what BB width you need. Your bike had an English style BB. Roger

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