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Ajay423 03-01-21 11:52 AM

Tire recommendations
Apologize in advance for posting this inquiry. I have looked through history on this topic, but would like some current opinions.
I just acquired a Dahon boardwalk 7 speed with 20 tires (47-406 20x1.75). The tires on this bike were unused, but have flat spots from sitting in the box, and never rotated.
I read good things about Schwalbe (big apple, and others). I have enough room for 20X2.0.
Bike will be used for under 10 mile trips on smooth road, smooth dirt and gravel roads, some grassy fields, and smooth paths - mostly state parks and other campgrounds.
Any recommendations?

calgarc 03-01-21 02:43 PM

schwalbe makes a fantastic tire. I have wider rims on my bike (also 20 inch) and I bought some btwin tires (store brand from decathalon). they seem to roll really well and perform fine, they are also inexpensive (I paid around $25CAD/tire).

Falconista 03-09-21 04:44 AM

Schwalbe Marathon Plus in 1.75" diameter would work well. A little bit of tread for the trails, reasonable rolling resistance on the road, and decent puncture protection. My use sounds a bit like yours.

They have a reputation for being tough to get on the rim but I didn't have that issue.

rhenning 03-09-21 08:14 AM

I have 2 Boardwalks and put Kenda tires on them and am very happy with them. Been on for 2 years now with out any tire related problems. Roger

zebede 03-10-21 05:04 AM

The Big Apples come stock on several Dahons and are an excellent choice and that would be my inclination for replacement, Though I didn't know Schwalbe did the Marathon Plus in that size.

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