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italysbadboy 07-19-05 11:55 PM

Any feedback and source for folding pedals?
Hello all,

I have to replace my folding pedals, the bearings just did not hold up. This was with very little standing on them. BTW, do your best to stay away from the Hummer folding pedals and the other names they go under. The plastic parts just do not hold up. I got a copy of the same design for less than $20 and I wouldn't go for another pair at the same price.

What I have found was MKS folding pedals at, ~$30. Two different pedals at Bike Friday, $15 and $30. And of course the pedals at Dahon for $35. Does anyone else have a recommendation I may have missed?

I am in Southern California and my budget is $40 or less.

Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated.


James H Haury 07-20-05 06:37 AM

Check Gaerlan and see what they have ,or see if anyone is selling some at the dahon site.

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