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chrisg 09-08-05 10:18 AM

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hi folks! i dunno if anyone will be able to identify this bike, but here goes:

my friends picked up this bike at a yard sale last week. It looks like it's fairly old but in pretty good condition once i got all the dust off it. but i can't figure out the brand/manufacturer (the bike may have been repainted at some point). the only clues are the front badge that reads "M.M.B.3" with a logo that looks suspiciously like the Raleigh heron. also the tires that were on it have "made in USSR" on them, and one of the pedals has something in Russian written on it. so i assume it's of Soviet origin. but does anybody have any idea who made it? i have never heard of Russian folding bikes but obviously they must exist!

EDIT: no furthe ID info, but I realized that the same bolt used to secure the hinge can fit onto the opposite side to keep the bike secured in the collapsed position. pretty cool. maybe other fodlers do this, but my raleigh twenty sure doesn't!

James H Haury 09-08-05 03:56 PM

Obviously This Bicycle Was Designed To Help The Heroic Soviet Worker Triumph Over Capitalist Stooges. :D

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