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Avatar 09-27-05 08:18 PM

Dahon Folding caveat
I've got a Dahon Boardwalk 7, but there's one thing with the folding process that bothers me.

It's when you have to rotate the pedals in a certain position before you fold the bike in half.

Because after you fold the bike in half, any movement on the pedals make it difficult to unfold.

Is there a good way to immobilize the pedals or something to prevent that from happening?

oboeguy 09-28-05 06:56 AM

Meh. The way I get off the bike, the pedals happen to be perfectly positioned so I've never had to think about it. However, it is disappointing not to be able to drag the bike around on the wheels while folded. :( (it can be done by leaning it on the front wheel only, but it's tricky)

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