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v1nce 10-06-05 03:22 PM

Chk this out, it is hideous beyond belief ha ha and not a folder or breakway. But interesting none the less.

andy_is_me 10-06-05 03:42 PM

i think this version looks pretty cool.
weird, but cool.

Mr_Super_Socks 10-06-05 04:13 PM

I just read that whole thing. I need to take a breather. that is cool and very inspirational - a true pioneering spirit in that guy. I want to go to Bielefeld and ask him if I can ride his bike!!

oboeguy 10-07-05 06:15 AM

I just saw a Moulton in Toga yesterday. Wicked looking bike! The linked bikes in the OP and below, though, are FUGLY (fo' times ugly!).

af895 10-07-05 07:19 AM

Fugly but practical! Crazy! :)

LittlePixel summed up Moulton pretty well recently...gotta say, his rant is one of the best ever on the subject.

v1nce 10-07-05 09:50 AM

Yeah despite the fubar/fuglyness of it all i gotta also give massive props to that guy for designing, enginering, and building a very original and hardcore performance bike nearly from scratch. I also have to agree with has assesment that 90% of the bike industry has given the public very little inspired and forward thinking (rather than marketing orientated) gear for quite some time now.

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