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Geoff Crossley 11-04-05 09:40 AM

A new folder is needed
Greetings all

I have deciced that I need a folding bike for the first time ever!

Had several bike before but never a folder, the need now has come about because the car park where I work just closed and the nerest one is over a mile away.

So my plan is to parkup get the bike out the boot and peddle....

Budget is around 300.00 ($500) as its going to be carried a lot I need something light, and as its going to get folded 920 times a year, easy to fold (even at an optimistic 15sec this comes out at over 2hrs a year).

Any suggestions good ideas logic etc would be good to hear!



Simple Simon 11-04-05 10:56 AM

Welcome to the ever un-folding world.
I had the same happen to me - lost a London parking slot !
So I know what a boot is ... many people here call it a trunk ;-)

I'd previously not used bikes to commute. I bought a Brompton 1st, it got me into folders and I still have it. They are almost the 'hoover' of folders in London .... they are really the best all rounder, and the smallest folded size (~ 15 sec). You may get a secondhand one for your budget, or stretch a bit for a new one. They can be quite heavy to carry and are awful to repair punctures on.

Then I bought a Strida3 which is much faster to fold (~ 6 sec) - it is a really simple fold and is nothing to carry (you dont - it wheels along - but if you do its v light). Journey times are same as Brompton but hills in London are all pretty moderate. I like the simplicity, but if you must have gears, look elsewhere.

I tried a Steel framed Dahon recently and was v impressed for the money (under 300), quite heavy and didn't fold so small, with 20" wheels - but a good, poorman's brompton ?.

There seems to be new models coming out all the time - I wish I could try them all. Check back through this forum - you'll find lots of views and feedback. Final choice between price, folded size, weight, speed to fold and speed to ride, is yours .... enjoy !

Chop! 11-05-05 12:59 PM

Hi Geoff

I agree with Simon, if you can live with an extremely light, fast folding, surgically clean (grese & oil-less)belt drive bike which is very easy to push along, when folded, but which has no gears, the Strida III is very good for inner city riding, it's very nimble, very quiet (due to the kevlar belt) and you never need to carry it except up stairs!
The latest version has a new frame modification which features a tiny roller behind the rear pulley, this eliminates the need for precise belt tension (to stop belt jump) as the belt is 'pinched' between the new roller & the pulley. There are also wire wheels with chrome hubs as an option instead of the plastic originals (which had lower tyre max pressures)

v1nce 11-05-05 07:22 PM

All very good recommendations. Other Contenders in your budget range would be one of the many (cheaper) Dahons, Swift and a downtube. A lot of background info can be found on these boards concerning all folders mentioned in this thread.

Geoff Crossley 11-18-05 09:32 AM

Sorted with a Strida perfect for the job and better still it cheers people up!

14R 11-18-05 09:57 AM

Good decision. Don't forget to add pictures to the fixeed thread!


Simple Simon 11-18-05 11:36 AM


Originally Posted by Geoff Crossley
Sorted with a Strida perfect for the job and better still it cheers people up!

That is soooooo true ! :D

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