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Bacco 11-06-05 08:51 PM

First Century on Bike Friday
This weekend, I did my first century on my new Bike Friday Pocket Crusoe. The day folloowing the century, I did 60 miles. The bike rode and handle great. I got a lot of questions about it and a few joking comments like "I see you forgot your wheels."

It's an amazing bike. I've very pleased with it.

Marge 11-06-05 08:56 PM

Bacco, bravo to you on your first century on you're new ride!!

14R 11-06-05 10:10 PM

Good job on our first century, and do not feel bad about the joking comments. I get them all the time. I heard once "That's a cute little bike. Do you ride real bikes as well or just this one?". I felt like saying that the only other thing that I ride is his mother, but that would be rude, so I just smiled and waved.

Anyone else with joking comments about folders?

Rafael Guerra

caadman 11-07-05 08:52 PM

Oh yeah I have a story Rafael about mine and it happened just about a month ago. But first off, congrats Bacco, they really are good bikes and people just don't appreciate or understand what they are capable of with them, till they try them....Keep up with the centuries, I certianly plan to with mine!(by the way I have a BF new world tourist geared for climbing)

Now my story, I was doing CFC in ohio back at the begining of october, it's a ride I always do each year and has a LOT of climbing in it, (this year I was told it had 6,000 feet of climbing in the first day's century and 7,000 feet of it on the second day's century). So I started out the day with my club's usual gang that comes to it, and they all ride 700c wheel bikes, they were certain that they would drop me on the decents and just ride away from me, especially the tandem that I was going with. Well that never happened, in fact my partner (who was on a regular sized bike) and I finished 30minutes ahead of that tandem at day's end, and the next day at the end of the day we put an hour into that tandem!...I rode past a gang of other riders at the start of the day on saturday and they just laughed at me and said some snyd remark implying that I wouldn't be able to do it or that I was crazy to do it on that bike, but I never saw them the rest of the day and after about the first 10 miles into the ride, absoutley nobody said anything else to me, I think they were just amazed at how it could perform!.

It was all a test for me to see how it would go in the hills cause I want to take it out to colorado next summer for the triple bypass ride, and I'm going to do that now because that bike did soo well for me, I was really pleased!!


oboeguy 11-08-05 10:37 AM

Heh, I did my first folder century back in September on my Dahon SpeedPro '05. I saw a few other folders too. Good job!

Bacco 11-08-05 05:15 PM

Benjamin, it's great to hear your century story. Like they say, it's the "engine" not the bike that matters most. Obviously, you have/are a very good "engine." The Bike Friday is equal to other bikes in performance. I ride just as fast on my Bike Friday as I do on my Lemond.

caadman 11-09-05 03:00 PM

Bacco, you have got right on!!...I know it almost sounds cliche like, but it's really true, it's the engine that matters, and then the bike. That CFC ride I was describing, last year I rode it on a 700c wheel cannondale geared for climbing, and this year rode just as fast on my BF, which was geared for climbing as was my cannondale, so you're exactly right!...Keep up with the folders!

oboeguy, I like the paragraph under your posting, I read it and it's VERY GOOD!!:)...Good to hear also that on your century there were other folders doing it also, so far I haven't seen any folders on the tours I do, but I do see the BF tandems at the tandem rallies that I go to also.


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