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xcapekey 11-14-05 02:29 PM

Trailers for Bike Fridays
hey all...i'm at a bit of a connundrum...after digging around and emailing BF, it is confirmed that they don't recommend single wheel trailers with BFs, which more or less leaves me trailerless...i'm a photographer and have to haul my gear around and have been using an actionbent trailer which seems to be the perfect dimensions for me....

what are the alternatives? will burly nomads work? i read that the way they attack to bike may be a bit limiting...any ideas?


Doug Campbell 11-14-05 02:57 PM

Bike Friday makes a trailer using a rubbermaid container, or you could buy the Bike Friday trailer frame and bolt it to the case of your choosing. Another approach that would be cheaper is to get a Burley or make a cheap trailer from aluminum tubing and bicycle wheels and attach it to your Bike Friday with an air hose and air coupling the way Bike Friday does on their trailers.

yangmusa 11-14-05 04:14 PM


Originally Posted by xcapekey
what are the alternatives? has a good overview of loads of trailers, but their server hasn't been responding in the last few days...

I've read several good reviews of Wike trailers, and they seem good value too!

Wike cargo trailer:
Wike kit trailer:


spambait11 11-14-05 06:04 PM

Wike's have quick-release hitch mounts, and so do the BikeRev trailers. Burley also makes quick-release hitch mounts. Bykaboose makes interesting looking trailers and have quick-release hitch mounts as well.

I use a Wike child trailer and a BikeRev for my Fridays. Your situation is not as dire as it seems.

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