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randya 11-16-05 06:04 PM

Quick Raleigh 20 pedal question
I can pull the pedals and check for myself when I get home later, but I was wondering if anyone knows off hand whether the Raleigh cottered cranks have standard pedal threading or some unique English threading? I'd like to change the platform pedals out for something with more grip.

andy_is_me 11-16-05 09:20 PM

mine seem standard. modern(ish) shimanno pedals go on fine.

icithecat 11-16-05 10:18 PM

I bought a cast iron mtb at a garage sale for $40. I pulled the bb, cranks and pedals, all Shimano deore country. So I am running a loose ball ( is it un72?) with no lockring, but silicone sealant to hold it tight, in the Raleigh cups. Aluminum cotterless cranks. Aluminum mtb platform pedals that spin. Whee.

randya 11-17-05 01:08 AM

Yup, standard pedals work.

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