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San Rensho 11-20-05 02:53 PM

Is this a scam/knockoff?

I'm leary of course, because the seller has no feedback, but beyond that, does this seem legit?

14R 11-20-05 03:28 PM

I wouldn't buy anything without some kind of Protection. Paypal is good (as long as the transaction is from an E-Bay auction) and, somehow, this E-Bay user does not accept it.

I wouldn't risk.

Rafael Guerra

af895 11-20-05 04:08 PM

Ditto what Rafael said.

Shipping EUR 150 - "Available to Ireland only"?

Wierd. It may be legit but I'd have no confidence I was actually going to receive a bike once they'd gotten my money. The payment methods are untrackable - cheque, money order, Western Union... all black holes.

If you decide to bid, let us know how it works out.

Nice bike. Lots of them available locally from reputable sources. You know what they say: "If it looks too good to be true, it probably is." ;)

Scooper 11-20-05 06:45 PM

What Rafael and Chris said.


CHenry 11-20-05 06:53 PM

Zero feedback. Seller in China. Suspiciously low floor price. By comparison, a large shipping charge. Stock photos. Most of the terms text dealing with payment, but not much info on the zero-feedback seller.

Did I mention zero feedback?

brakemeister 11-20-05 08:15 PM


I have been successfull of taking his auctions off ebay before....
He has listed many other bikes as well

he accepts western union only

he usually has many seller names ... all created in last august .... where he has feedback , he has sold something to himslef and created positive feedback



icithecat 11-20-05 09:00 PM

I would be scared.
[The most important thing in internet business is credibility.]
Zero feedback. All the onus is on you the buyers. Sheesh. Not in a million years.

San Rensho 11-21-05 09:44 AM

Thanks all, I did not bid but the Dahon sold at auction. I sent an e-mail to the buyer asking him to inform me if the deal goes through. We'll see!

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