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xcapekey 11-21-05 08:03 PM

Bike Friday - Bad Cabling?
hey all...i must sound like a BF troll because i keep having problems, but i just want to make sure if this is a real or imagined problem...

the cabling for my front brake seems a little wonky....when i spin the wheel and turn the bars right, it pulls enough cable to stop the wheel....

is this a problem? does anyone else have this issue? can the cables be routed any other way and still maintain the fold?


xcapekey 11-21-05 08:52 PM

ok..i figured it out..disassembled the bars and reassembled them...they had an extra twist when i first mounted them...

Hwy 40 Blue 11-22-05 10:43 AM

I've noticed that if I'm not careful when I pull out/put in the handlebar stem, I can get my cables bollixed up, too. Now I just try to be more aware of what cable is going where when I fold/unfold.

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