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LittlePixel 12-02-05 06:03 AM

Gosh a Bike Friday Gnu on ebay uk! Should I? Anyone got one? Tell me I shouldn't!

Chop! 12-02-05 07:21 AM

Hi Pixel

Just be careful as this is another case of Zero feedback, could be a scam. Looks and sounds genuine enough, but some of these scammers are slippery creatures! Good luck

v1nce 12-02-05 07:40 AM

Oh deaar! That is beautifull that bike. I don't own one. I don't know what to tell you, except that i wonder how big the diff. between your pimped 20 and the Gnu will be,... whether it will warrant the expense? Maybe KoffeeBrown can give some insights as she is a BF owner. If you do get it i will be most jeoulous ha ah.

Wavshrdr 12-02-05 09:23 PM

I have a Bike Friday and I love it. Company is great to work with. Great attention to detail and they sell quite quickly if you want to part with it down the road. I have on of their tandems and I get some amazing stares from people when they see a tandem with 20" wheels.

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