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Hypernova 02-22-06 07:10 PM

OK. After a little fight with Yan (!?), I finally got my downtube. My bike is in a good condition out of the box. I don't have much to say but here is some.

First, I noticed that it feel a little bit difference from normal bike when I'm turning. I think the reason is the small wheel. However, It don't take too long to get comfortable with. Actually, I felt that only on the first ride. Nothing different now.

Second, I was worry about the speed. I don't sure I say it right but what I mean is since the folding bike have smaller wheel, it will have less torque (more of your power go to the bike) but less speed (the circumference is smaller). However, the 8-speed that come with VII-FS can cover this. I want to say this because I think other newbies like me might worry about it. Yes, you can go as fast as you want, if you are not a serious cyclist.

The folded size is somehow bigger than I thought, and since there is no way to keep it folded (unless using something like a vacro). I cannot carry it to classes like I was planed. So, if you want to carry your folding bike around with you, I think 20" wheel can't really satisfied your need. I suggest to go for smaller one.

Last thing I want to say that I somehow can confirm the different look from people all around you. It's just a second day for me but I do feel people around me laught at me, no not in a negative way. I think it's more friendly.

I have a problem now. I can't find a kickstand for this bike. Any suggestion? (I don't do search yet at this time, but I'll before I ask again)

For Yan, I give him 90% satisfaction. I won't tell you what is the 10% missing :) . However, as far as I know now, I recommended downtube for someone who want to go to the world of folding bike.

Tomaso 02-23-06 05:31 AM

-What kind of tires on a DT? To gain speed you might consider getting Schwalbe Marathons (slicks).
- It's normal that you have to get used to the smaller wheels and handlebar, it takes a little longer to find your balance, after two rides, it's like you have never ridden anything else
-Almost all 20" folders are a too big of package to carry around for more than 5 minutes.
- Nothing wrong with using a velcro to keep the bike together when folded, I have to do this with my 2003 Dahon Jetstream too, I don't mind. My girlfriend has a Dahon Vitesse with the Magnetix-system, and IMO that doesn't really work as good as a velcro.

juan162 02-23-06 08:43 PM

Hi Hypernova,
I routinely ride my 20" wheel folding bike with roadbikers and have no problem keeping up with them. If you get the right wheels, the rolling resistance is negligable. It's all about proper gearing and of course the 'engine.' I can't find the site now, but some smart, engineer/mathematician type folding enthusiast did some calculations and found that w/ tire width being the same, the difference from a 20" wheel to a full size is negligable until you reach something in the neighborhood of 30mph.
I didn't do the math nor do I know how accurate it was, but I can keep up w/ the big boys and often pass guys on their $2000+ roadbikes.

v1nce 02-23-06 11:32 PM

+1 to that last post, see my 'Large wheel are a" thread and my page for more details about the big 'small wheels are slow' lie/myth.

Hypernova 02-24-06 08:10 PM

Thanks for all reply. I'm doing fine with it right now. However, I think I have a little problem problem with forth gear. I don't that sure but I think it's bent. It has some strange sound, a lot like when I change the gear. It's not change to third or fifth. I did take a close look and I guess that only one....I don't know what you call that. Let me call it one tooth ;), that seem like it's bent. What should I do? Can I just fix that myself?

juan162 02-24-06 11:19 PM

If there is one tooth that is obviously bent, and you trust yourself, you can go ahead and try to bend it back. Just know that you run the risk of making it worse(having to take it to the shop and replacing the whole cassette). I put together my own bike and have the confidence to repair things on my own. It sounds like you don't have tons of exprerience, so you may want to take it to a shop.

Hypernova 02-25-06 11:19 PM

Thank for your suggestion juan162. I don't trust myself that much but I usually do something like that since I'm too lazy to wait for someone else fixing it for me. But it's not bent actually. I do a proper gear adjustment and looks like it's fine now. I'll ride it again tomorrow to see how it work.

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