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brakemeister 03-15-06 01:10 PM

Upgrade membership ..... how ?
Hmmm I am trying to upgrade to a little red dot membership.
But cannot find anywhere, how to ... if I click the upgrade link above to the right, I basically get a blank page ....

any pointers where ?

Thanks Thor

Rincewind8 03-15-06 01:16 PM

See this thread:

brakemeister 03-15-06 06:02 PM


Thanks Thor

LittlePixel 03-15-06 07:16 PM

yeah I got some heat from someone about not being a paid up member a few weeks ago - but the page that's supposed to be for upgrading doesn't do squat so what could I do! Thanks for the link. Not great business to have a broken 'pay' page... ;)

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