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Guy Yinon 03-16-06 08:07 AM

Raleigh Twenty and 24'' wheels ?????
I read a thread regarding a 24'' rear wheel on a Twenty (I think it was little pixel that raise the idea) - I do think its possible to do it and thinks about doing it (Fixed Gear, new 24'' fork etc.) - but I really need to know what will be the affect on the riding ?

clayface 03-16-06 08:58 AM

Probably it'll rise the BB to make handling more unstable.

LittlePixel 03-16-06 10:19 AM

You'll have raised the bike by about 2" at the back and front if you put a 24 on there as well; I think the stability probably wouldn't be too affected as you'd get some extra gyroscopic effect with the larger wheels. Are you planning to remove the bridge on the chain and seat stays? The other consideration I suppose is clearance at the front so you dont get your toes in the way of the front wheel when you steer. Wheelbase should be long enough but it's worth checking. I look forward to seeing your 'Bigfoot' Twenty! :) Huw

knjc68 03-16-06 12:13 PM

.... and more trail, so the steering may be a little slower, if anything....?

Dave Hickey 03-16-06 01:42 PM

Another option would be to add 451 size wheels(BMX mini). They are a good "middle ground" between standard 20" and 24". I've converted most of my folders to 451.

LittlePixel 03-16-06 06:25 PM

UK Twenties have 451 wheels anyway... It's a pain to get good rims and quality tyres though.

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