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jss273nyc 03-16-06 05:07 PM

Helios SL 05 vs. Helios P8 06 vs. Helios P9 Lite
I just test rode a Helios P8 and I really liked it. I think that I'm ready to purchase one, but have a question. How is the Helios SL able to shave off 7 lbs? I noticed that there are a couple of the SL's still available and was wondering if it might be worth getting a 05 SL instead due to the fact that I live in a walk up in NYC. Every pound helps! Also I am considering getting a custom Helios P9 Lite from Gaerlan Bikes in CA. They take a stock Helios P8 and install a 9 spd 11/34 cassette with sram 7.0 shifters, schwalbe stelvios, and relaced wheels for about $150 more than the stock P8. Can anyone suggest what is the best option. Thanks guys in advance for the advice.

Wavshrdr 03-16-06 08:01 PM

I'd be cautious with ANY of the very light Dahons if you are a bigger than average rider. They are relatively fragile (especially the wheels).

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