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pharnabazos 03-23-06 11:34 PM

A kooky pedal project
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So, I'd like to have a pair of clip'n strap MKS folding pedals, but didn't feel like ponying up. So, I took those horrid jokes of folding pedals that came with my Dahon, added four holes with the Dremel, and presto! some rather ghetto-ish but perfectly functional clip n' strap folding pedals. I use 'em on my old Raleigh 20 so it's not like I'm losing style points with these monsters.

rdh 03-25-06 10:17 PM

I can see in the pic where you put 2 holes for the clips. I am not clear on the other 2 holes. I am guessing that there are oblong holes for the straps in either end. Is this right? I am trying to figure out if it is worth it to try and attach PowerGrips to those pedals. Hey, I am not looking for bling.

brakemeister 03-25-06 10:39 PM

1. turn that strap around so you can pull them tighter while plulling up versus down.
Also to release them you can pull UP towrds you rather than away from you.

2. its an old trick on regular pedals to twist the strap on the underside, the reason is that if you pull on the loose end, you do not pull the whole strap around and the release buckle stays where it belongs


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