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Chop! 03-24-06 02:35 AM

Here's another one of those darn PDF thingamybobs! With a few pics and a short report on last Saturday's Swindon Smallwheels ride. Having used the GoBike, Brompton & the Strida on recent rides, I decided to let my rug-rats ride my folders and I rode my recumbent. I used the Strida for Sundays ride though.

Wavshrdr 03-24-06 07:53 PM

No problems with the PDF. Glad your kids are involved. It sure makes it easier for me. Problem is as they grow up their tastes improve and then they want to start riding "my" bikes. Tough to say no when they ask you with those big round eyes.

caotropheus 03-24-06 11:47 PM

NO dought that is better to start them soon riding our bikes than later when they ask strait away the car keys. Luckly my oldest son (age 7) often ride with me for short trips. There is a natural reserve 16 km from my place (a wet land where hundreds of thousands of Africa-Europe migrating birds stop for a brake) and you see many young people riding there with their families.

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