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randya 03-29-06 11:58 PM

Raleigh 20 BB question
So why can't I just remove the existing axle and take it down to the LBS or surf the net and find a matching cotterless axle that will allow me to use the rest of the original BB (cups, etc.), w/ new cranks and chainring? Does such a beast exist? Or is the Raleigh 20 axle / BB too odd of a size? What I want to do is put the cranks and Raleigh chainring from my now defunct Chopper ( :( ) on the 20.

LittlePixel 03-30-06 01:42 PM

Sorry to hear about your Chopper. They really should have kept with the steel. And the 'safe' seat is crap too. Apparently our nanny state says banana seats are too dangerous. For what reasons is not clear.
Anyway - As someone with a twenty I wish I could offer some insightful help in getting your parts from one to the other but I don't reallly know. I think it's likely that the BB on your defunct chopper is not truly old-skool either and is probably not compatable with the twenty like an original one would be. Do they do imperial threads in China?

randya 03-30-06 02:26 PM

The Chopper BB is a different width that the 20 BB, by about 1/2", so I don't think switching the axles is an option. But the 20 BB is in good shape, so I am thinking the lowest cost solution is to just get a new cotterless axle that fits in the original 20 BB. If I can get an axle that fits, the Chopper cranks should just bolt right on. The question is, is such an axle available?

DaFriMon 03-30-06 04:35 PM


Originally Posted by randya
. . . The question is, is such an axle available?

And if someone knows that it is, could they *please* post as specific a part number and make as possible.:D Sheldon Brown ( says that some 7 series axles can be made to work, but it would be good to know which ones, exactly.

juan162 03-30-06 04:47 PM


I initially tried what you are suggesting. It is difficult to find an axle that has a long enough center part to the axle for the job. I actually purchased one from Harris Cyclery (Sheldon Brown's shop) that was the longest they had, but it was still a little too short in the middle section of the axle. You may be able to find one, but from personal experience, I ended up doing the more expensive BB replacement after trying everything else and falling short. Hope you have better luck than I do,


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