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Crankypants 03-30-06 12:16 PM

Swift this and Swift that
Since I had my butt whupped for posting some enthousiastic DT threads, I am happy to see that there is another hot folder that is getting some action these days. Despite some of the negative comments I recieved from my first few posts, I really value the information available from this site. And now I really want to build up a Raleigh twenty and aquire a Swift. I would love to modify a Swift with Softride suspension headset and a sprung Brooks saddle. Thanks everybody for sharing the information!

maunakea 03-30-06 09:41 PM

DT highjack
This Swift thread seems to be a great place to note what a terrific bike the DT FS is should one not have the dough for a Swift.
<couldn't resist>

Wavshrdr 03-30-06 10:19 PM

The Swift thread is one of the all time most popular threads. It is a statistical fact that some portion of Swift owners have Downtubes.

Swift is still on my top list of all time favorite folders. Actually scratch that, it is my absolute favorite bike I own. I do have some pretty nice bikes too. The Swift is one of those rare bikes that can become almost anything you want it to be. It is like a canvas that is just waiting to be painted upon.

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