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natness 03-30-06 02:17 PM

folding tandem?

First time poster! Potential folding tandem rider!

My S.O. and I have been discussing getting a tandem bicycle. He is an avid cyclist and I am a casual joy-rider. When I started reserching tandems I had no idea there was such a thing as a folding tandem, but to me it seems like the ideal solution to our space-contraints.

My questions are as follows:

Can anyone reccomend a budget-friendly folding tandem? I drooled over the bike friday, but that is not realistic. Something in the $600-800 range would be right-on.

What size does a folding tandem fold down to? Would we be able to fit it in the trunk? Do they need to be disassembled, or do they simply fold?

Has anyone seen the Worksman folding tandem in person?
At first glance, this fits into our budget, but there are no user reviews anywhere on the web. There isn't even a picture of it folded.



Leisesturm 03-30-06 02:46 PM

Hello. Welcome. I ride a folder and a tandem but my tandem is not a folder. As it happens we are upgrading to a much better tandem but it will not fold either! Despite how much I love the folding aspect there are realities to face. It would not be possible on your budget to buy a folding tandem that your B.F. would find acceptable. Even you would probably find the Workman unacceptably wobbly and heavy. If you post your question on the Tandem forum you will probably find that the consensus is that one cannot find a tandem period that is 'acceptable' for less than $1000.00 My single folder costs more than what you are contemplating for your folding tandem and it is 'middling' in performance as single folders go. If I wanted a folding tandem I would absolutely buy the Bike Friday. There is IMO nothing else worth even thinking about.


spambait11 03-30-06 04:32 PM


Originally Posted by natness
He is an avid cyclist...

What's his opinion?

Maybe you can email Worksman and ask for folded pictures and dimensions. My guess would be that that thing will be heavy to carry around, even when folded. For pleasure riding, that thing looks like a blast. For performance, Bike Friday is the only current solution. They have a used Family Tandem for sale right now for $1200. However, this one disassembles, not folds. Two'sDays appear to be out of your price range, but if you do consider it, go for the new ones with telescoping seatposts as the older ones, like mine, fold down but make the folded package super clunky and unwieldy.

I'll also say with conviction and experience that Bike Fridays - both solos and tandems - are some of the best rides you can find.

Trocadile 03-30-06 11:01 PM

ebay has a used Montague folding tandem (posting says Montauge):

There's an old review of this here:

natness 03-31-06 12:28 PM

folding tandem
Thanks for all your responses!

I did email the worksman folks about the folding tandem. The thing is 70 lbs and doesn't actually get that small when folded. Plus there is no way to actually ride the thing before a purchase, and to return it requires that you pay shipping plus a 15% restock fee. Ack! combined with the takes on it here and on the tandem thread, its something I won't do.

So... bidding on the Montague on ebay and saving up some money for the BF seem like the only options.

My boyfriend and I are waiting for the first warm day to rent a tandem and try out our "team." He thinks I'm nuts, by the way, but I'm tired of his complaining how slow I am when we cycle together.

OK, as an aside, anyone here try out the cyclemorph? I wonder if this is an option for us?

spambait11 03-31-06 02:11 PM


Originally Posted by natness
anyone here try out the cyclemorph? I wonder if this is an option for us?

Sheldon Brown thought they were well made, and they do look good.

I think one of your main worries will be what kind of bike to attach it to. Their FAQ section lists the frames they recommend.

natness 04-24-06 11:31 PM

Happy Endings
Thanks to Wavshrdr, we are now the proud owners of a Bike Friday Family Traveller! This forum is a marvelous place.

Kenal0 04-25-06 06:15 AM

When do you get it?


MichaelW 04-25-06 07:37 AM

You can fit S&S couplers to almost any tandem made from std size steel tubing.
They are usually fitted to expensive custom bikes but many production tandems can be adapted to become takedown bikes.
Takedown bikes are not folders, they take longer to assemble but are usually more ridgid.

CHenry 04-25-06 03:39 PM

There are lots of options for a packable tandems, not just Bike Friday. Co-Motion and Santana make packable tandems that use standard sized wheels, both 26 inch and 700c. I suggest you look at those.
You might also look for dealers that carry used packable tandems if you are looking for a lower cost machine. I can suggest Mt. Airy Bicycles in Mt. Airy, Maryland. They have a fairly large inventory of tandems and they are also Bike Friday dealers (along with College Park Bicycles, their sister shop).

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