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bike.folder 04-01-06 08:47 AM

Good book recommendations
Anyone got any suggestions for books about folding bicycles or that have large sections with relevant info?

I wonder how good "in the bag" is, I imagine a lot may have changed since its publication?

any other books people can recommend?

What are your favourite bike books?

eubi 04-01-06 11:30 AM

You may have to write one.

This forum, and a couple other folder forums may be your best bet.

I would have to say my favorite bike book is "Bicycle Touring in the Western United States" by Karen and Gary Hawkins, Pantheon Books, NY. Nothing on folders, though.

Search I typed in "folding bikes" and got several hits.

I made my decision to buy a folder based on:

1. Manufacturer's internet pages

2. The folding society web page,

3. This this sub-forum.

folder fanatic 04-01-06 12:29 PM

There is little publish information about folders in particular in books. I do have a copy of "It's In The Bag" that I purchased from a bicycle museum in NY state a while ago. It is very thorough about folding bikes circa about 10 years ago. It is very informative. Some other books worth mentioning are ones that discuss military bikes or bikes used during wartime. Our civilian folders are actual desendants of these bikes. There is only one repair book that even mentions them.

The way I write here, maybe I should consider writing a book on these bikes!

folder fanatic 04-01-06 12:47 PM

See my new post on Where to go to learn about folding bikes? thread as to where to locate a copy of this book if you are interested.

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