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SSDD 12-18-07 02:26 AM


Originally Posted by andmalc (Post 5826093)
What size frame is yours?

The size of the frame is 50

special_k 01-01-08 10:51 AM

I have a Raleigh Twenty with a fresh coat of Matte black spray paint.
All stock components: chrome fenders, rack, SA three speed wheelset, handlebar stem...everything...
Needs a chain and cables and housing (minor TLC)

I will trade for any 20" BMX bike. Hopefully one that is in fairly good condition.

Guy Yinon 01-14-08 09:58 AM

Nexus 7 speed hub (internal gear) and shifter
Nexus 7 speed hub (internal gear) and shifter - NEW and never laced

Road Parts (Triple crank, Single speed crank etc.)
An offer I can not refuse :)

greparm 01-19-08 11:31 PM


Not something for me, just spotted it in CL and figured someone in this group may have an interest.

yellowjeep 02-06-08 11:18 PM

I am looking for some kind of decent vintage folder that would fit a 6' person. I would prefer something in chicago so I am getting more bike than shipping. Please pm if you have anything

cmcanulty 02-07-08 08:51 AM

Wanted: Used Downtube mini with cassette gears

fanofbiking 02-18-08 01:18 PM

Looking for a quality folder frame suitable for fixed gear conversion-horizontal dropouts. I don't mind rough paint, but all folding mechanisms need to be operable and the frame solid. I have tons to trade. Vintage steel Schwinn Cimarron frame (fillet brazed), "rare" (at least in the US) Bridgestone Wildwest frame (like our CB series), tons of good components too , nice xt f+r derailleurs etc.etc.

juan162 04-15-08 09:47 AM

I have a 451 flipflop rear wheel I picked up that I was planing on using for a project that I never got around to doing. Would trade for either either a nice alloy front, 406 size wheel or a rear 406 wheel of similar quality, or something else...offer me something, or PM me if you are interested in what I have. you might have something I need! (:


Dynocoaster 05-10-08 03:09 PM

Raleigh Twenty Frame for stem for Dahon Boardwalk I am located in Washington state.

mwhipple 05-21-08 08:07 PM

I have Xootr Swift that is less than 2 years old and probably has less than 100 miles. It has an SRAM DualDrive. Also includes front & rear fenders, wireless computer, water bottle holder and handlebar ends. Rear rack and pack available as an additional option to interested buyers.

I'm looking for a Bike Friday folding recumbent (Bike Sat-R-Day). If I'm unable to work out a deal here I may be posting on the For Sale thread, but first I'd like to see if I can work out a trade.

P.S. - I haven't posted much here, but I can provide potential traders with my eBay user name with a 100% rating.

Mark W.
Boston, MA

Jagee 05-25-08 11:18 PM

I've got a nice Raleigh Twenty--would be great to find a used Downtube Mini, even one needing work. Open to other ideas too.

fanofbiking 07-07-08 09:56 AM

Still looking for a frame for folding fixed conversion
Still looking for a folder frame for fixed conversion. I can do 20" or 16" wheels, just looking for something solid with horizontal drops. Raleigh 20? I have the following for trade, SA alloy shell hub laced to Velocity (700c) aeroheat, race face gold crankset with spot chainguard (off a Bianchi BUSS, also have gold Titec stem and 25.4 gold snafu seatpost). Other non-cycling things...PSP with protective cover and games, a ton of Patagonia outerwear. Let me know.

gringo_gus 07-11-08 03:08 AM

I have a newly bought merc that I am the process of doing up (see various posts), but I am not sure if it is for me still - to be honest, I think I might be too big/heavy to get a good ride out of it. I will persevere, but could be tempted into a trade - I am in the UK - if anyone is interested...

OK - with the mods I have made decided to keep it for now (edit)

neilfein 07-15-08 06:06 AM

Anyone have any of those sticky pads you put on the frame where metal meets metal? I have a bell, a mirror for a bell Citi helmet, a bunch of stuff like that. (PM me and I'll get you a longer list.)

timo888 07-16-08 08:38 AM

I understand the no-selling rules, but would like a clarification of "only bike stuff". Do both sides of the trade have to be "bike stuff" or only one side of the trade? Would this hypothetical be legit?

"I've got a Louisville Slugger signed by Willie Mays and would like to trade it for a pair of wheels."

Or this one?

"I've got a pair of wheels and would like to trade them for a Louisville Slugger signed by Willie Mays."


P.S. I don't have a Louisville Slugger signed by Willie Mays or an extra pair of wheels.

imeself 07-23-08 06:40 PM

Hello, I'm somewhat new here. I would like to trade for a folder or two. Not sure what I'm looking for. Please let me know what you have.

List of things to trade:

2 fixed/SS frames(both: 120mm rear spacing, 700c, fender/rack capable, true temper tubing, forks: eyelets fenders rack), one is 53cm and one is 57cm in size, or both as complete bikes

2 wheelsets: both 120mm rear hubs, one is fixed/fixed or free/free and the other is fixed/free or free/free (freewheels can be used on the fixed cog side of every track hub that I know of, of course I could be wrong, I know these will)

misc. parts for ss or fixed

would like to find someone local to zip 46987 in the US, I'm not sure about shipping

Just email or pm, Thanks for the time, Todd

imeself 07-23-08 06:49 PM

Forgot to add another bike: Trek 7100 hybrid, Thanks again. Todd

jimi8 07-29-08 10:30 PM

Hello everyone... I have an '03 Specialized S-works, 50 cm, 9 speed full Dura-Ace components, Ksyrium SSC wheels. Im looking for a Bike Friday Pocket Rocket. PM if interested. Thanks.

timo888 08-12-08 05:29 PM


Originally Posted by Guest (Post 2500899)
ONLY bike related items are to be traded here. Anything else offered up for trade by either party will be deleted.

I would like to request that this rule be relaxed somewhat: shouldn't it suffice that one side of the trade be bike-related?

E.g. I really want a Brompton|Birdy|Swift|Dahon... have Babe Ruth baseball card.


I have a Brompton|Birdy|Swift|Dahon ... want Babe Ruth baseball card.

Why restrict the free flow of barter involving bikes? Bikes are only one facet of people's lives.

chagzuki 08-19-08 10:33 AM

either a Dahon telescoping seat post, or at least the lower portion of it (apparently it's discontinued) or a standard Dahon seat post (34mm). Things to trade: Rido saddle and some standard Dahon components. I'm UK BTW.

timo888 08-20-08 07:40 PM

Have CaneCreek Thudbuster ST elastomers in BLUE and WHITE or GRAY? Will trade either for BLACK ST elastomer. The one that looks white or light gray (hard to tell without seeing them side by side) has #47 on it, and the blue has #53. I assume these numbers indicate the duro.

kiwichris 09-09-08 11:30 AM

I didn't want to make another thread for this and technically it's also a trade :)

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noob_island 09-09-08 07:19 PM

I posted this in another thread but no one has answered yet maybe someone here can:

Anyone order a bike from the UK of Europe. It looks like they have more folding bike styles than the US and more affordable. The Viking SAFARI 6 is 159 = $280 on I just don't want to end up in paying $300 for a bike and $300 in import and tax fees. Any ideas.

I see that the link to the folding bike accessories are in and $.

rombu 09-20-08 01:57 PM

I have a vintage Bridgestone Kabuki Diamond Formula 12 with all components original except the saddle.
This bike have not been ridden for more than 25 years so it will need a tune up. I am looking to have this bike traded for a folder here in Jersey. Let me know what you have, you can email or PM me.


joose 10-07-08 01:08 PM

UK only

I'm interested in swapping my Dahon D3 Curve (Red) for a Strida in very good condition.

My Dahon is under 2 months old and in great condition.

I'm really interested in the Strida 5 and depending on the quality will leave my GR2 Ergon grips my rack pack (will take a photo soon of this and my whole bike) and my Brooks Sprung Flyer (which being new will have not of set to me yet). All of these items would have to be upto discussion between us.

If you have a mint (condition, not the colour) Strida 3.2 I may also be interested, but this would be for my Curve with all the stock items replaced (All of which are in perfect condition).

I live in Long Eaton which is in Derbyshire but I'm also 2 mins away from Nottinghamshire and Leicester. I would prefer somebody who lives a reasonable distance from me but can get to Birmingham easy enough. I also live next to a train station so can get to most main places.

Anyway, if your interested send me a PM.



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