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psikot 11-02-08 04:31 AM

i have a citizen 6 speed folding bike and a 21 speed mountain bike, would trade one or both for a folding 21 speed bike or electric folding bike.

panchothepug 12-02-08 09:12 AM

Trade my Brompton for Koga Miyata

Originally Posted by andmalc (Post 5826093)
What size frame is yours?

I have a Red T5 in Excellent condition

pictures at

Your frame will have to be 57 or bigger

itsajustme 12-07-08 09:36 AM

I have a 23T Sturmey-Archer 8-speed cog and I'd like to swap for a 25T cog.

Among other reasons, you might want to do this if you're looking to make your Downtube Mini go faster:

adr5 12-11-08 01:47 PM

I have a very nice set of MTB wheels I would love to trade for a Brompton titanium rear triangle and titanium fork. The wheels are Mavic 517s laced with DT double butted spokes to silver Chris King hubs.
Used but not abused. Lots of life left in them. I could probably add some tires, but I doubt I have tubes. I would also consider trading for an IT chair that fits a Brompton, but I would probably want some other Brompton good in addition to the IT chair. I'm in NYC.

Guy Yinon 12-29-08 01:35 AM

New 1'' Chris King headset
New ENO hub laced to a new Weinman 26'' rim (never ridden, never installed), 32 holes, with end cups to suite 130mm frame (currently its for 135mm dropouts)
Phil Wood track hub with lockring and 15t cog (Both has less than 50K !), 36 holes
Shimano 105 crank set (Not Comapct) with integral bottom bracket axle - Great Condition !
Trek 370, from the 90's, size 55

Brompton (Dont care for the model), can be a merc too

fanofbiking 12-31-08 01:10 PM

For Trade: Folding Fixed Gear
hey there,
I bought a 2008 Dahon Boardwalk (SS) and made the following upgrades.
Handbuilt new black 40h Alex Supra-Lite laced to a NOS Philips Track Hub with new cog
New Cog and Lockring 14T
Sugino 165mm Vp Crankset (used but nice)
New Salsa Chairing
New Ritchey Rov'r tire
Also comes with a new banjo brothers trunk bag.
I figure I have about $365 into the build and would like a quality steel 16-18" MTB or something else appealing. I moved from DC and don't need a folder as a commuter and I already have a 16" wheeled Raleigh fixed folder for fun...Thanks for looking

jeremyb 01-04-09 10:48 AM

Thomson Black 27.2 seatpost 330mm long still in Thomson Bag
KCNC skewers

20" Alloy wheel

email me at plusonelap @ gmail dot com

mulleady 01-05-09 11:32 AM

I am selling a limited edition Dahon Helios XX 7.6kg beauty. I already have 2 bikes and this doesn't get enough use to do it justice.

Please see ebay listing for more details:

kegoguinness 01-14-09 06:54 AM


For the taking (shipping costs only):

Suntour folding pedals (that came stock on the Dahon Speed P8) -- a little dirty but only used two months.

Serfas gel saddle (single rail) with "deep groove" --gently used, in good shape

Biologic saddle (that came standard on Dahon P8) --like new

utahjazzinmyazz 01-28-09 03:50 PM

I would love to get my hands on a raleigh twenty or possibly other folding bike and though I have no folder I would consider trades on any of my current bikes: Trek 1200 56cm (from late 70's?) in good condition, trek 800 mountain track(not sure of year) 42cm in good condition, or a beach cruiser I got new around 2002 that is in fair-good condition. I can gladly get pics up to anyone interested. Northwest US would be awesome, but I would consider a trade to wherever.

gringo_gus 02-09-09 10:42 AM

I have posted on this before, and apologies if I didn't reply to a couple of you. Its because I am in two minds; but here goes, seriously this time.

I have a merc, mildly upgraded with some Brommie parts, and new brake cables and a new front brake. I must have done 10 miles on it. However, it doesn't work for me, I am too big for it to be honest. I won't recoup what I got it for, I know, but I will in any case use any money I get for a new folder.

So, anyone interested in a swap for a different folder with a possible cash adjustment either way, depending on the bike you might have to trade ? It would need to be a bike ok with a largish person.

I am in the NW of England, travel fairly often to Oxford.

Eternal 02-28-09 08:32 AM

In Place Exercise bike for folding bike? (or hybrid or cruiser)
I have an in place exercise bicycle in excellent condition with display. (shows distance, speed, calories burned, pulserate, etc).
Would love to trade for a regular bicycle.
Preferences might be hybrid, cruiser with gears, or folding bike (prefer full size).
Also, if there is another thread where I might post this, please feel free to let me know.
Will be taking some pictures to send you if you're interested.
I'm in the NYC area, Brooklyn to be exact.
Thanks to all who respond.

clanmason 03-09-09 12:58 AM

looking for pacific reach trekking
I have a Brompton - 6 speed and 2 Dahon Mariners -

clanmason 03-17-09 08:38 AM

I have a Brompton L6 nd a Dahon Mariner 2006 and want to trade both for a Pacific-Reach Treking

nekohime 03-25-09 05:34 PM

Have Klickfix Freepack sport backpack and adapter for headtube or seatpost (got it from, you can check the prices there). Will trade for brompton front carrier block and cloth pannier.

bw286 03-26-09 07:29 AM

i have a dahon getaway that has been converted to fixed gear. i would be interested in pretty much anything in trade for it

themanmachine 04-11-09 04:32 PM

I have a 56 cm IRO Jamie Roy fixed gear
It's mostly stock, other than tektro brakes and levers and SKS P35 fenders

I really, really, want to get my hands on a Swift folder.

pm124 04-16-09 03:27 PM

355 Front Wheel
I have a spare 355 front wheel with a Shimano Parallax hub and Alex DV15 rims. The wheel has 24 14g spokes and is light (though not sure exactly how light). Has around 1000-1500 miles in NYC (very flat, so almost no rim wear). Looking for Spin Skin tire protectors. PM me if interested.

pibach 04-18-09 01:04 PM

I have a Dahon Mu XL with a Nexus gear hub. I would like to convert it fixed gear to get the weight down. Does anybody have a nice rear wheel with fixie hub, 130mm? Ideally some lightweigth Velocity Aerohead rim or Rolf Pro with Sapim and American Classic. PM me if available. Also links to where I could buy it new would be helpful.

gringo_gus 04-21-09 01:32 AM

Hi all. Moulton, Bike Friday NWT or Dahon Speed TR wanted for a tour. Interested in some kind of part-exchange for my Dahon Hammerhead 7 and/or Merc, with cash adjustment, or buying outright. Am in the UK.



Hot Rod Lincoln 04-26-09 09:39 PM

I have a Titus Motolite
that I would like to trade for either a Bike Friday NWT, Brompton or Dahon suitable for touring. I would also consider a Rivendell Atlantis. The Motolite is in excellent condition and has had extensive it is. If anyone is interested in rolling a little dirt, pm me. I did not think the touring bug would be quite so strong:) The wheels have been upgraded to Spinergy Xyclone Disc...the seatpost and stem are Thomson, the handlebar is Answer Carbon....and whatever tires you would like, I think I have anyone covered

BruceMetras 05-07-09 09:52 AM

I've got a couple of pairs of Cane Creek bar ends that I am not using... excellent condition .. would like to trade for 451 rubber ... or .... pm me if interested.

Bike designers tune the handling of their bikes with the assumption that your hands will be on the handlebars. Most bar ends however, place your hands out in front of the handlebars, which can have a negative impact on handling performance. Cane Creek's innovative ErgoControl bar ends center your weight directly over the handlebars. The result is better control. The bar ends are made using an exclusive dual compound molded construction which combines an aluminum skeleton, resin exoskeleton, and hard rubber covering. These bar ends allow several hand positions and are so comfortable that they seem to melt into the palms of your hand.

leroy37tz 05-25-09 03:27 PM

Yes siree how long has been in production for?

oelph 05-30-09 09:53 AM

Dahon Speed D7 2006
Selling my Dahon Speed D7 2006 model. Tyres have been upgraded to Schwalbe Big Apples. Original tyres and mudguards included (which were removed due to the BAs).

I'm selling because I do not have as much need to use buses and trains and will be upgrading to a 26" folder instead.

165. Offers welcome.

Collection only (Plymouth, UK).

mkeller234 07-07-09 02:22 AM

edit: gone

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