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Guest 05-06-06 09:26 AM

The For Trade Thread- Folding Bike Forum
We've got a couple of trade threads going successfully around the forums, so I'm starting one here too. This is the thread where you can offer up things for trade. You've got an item you don't need and you need something else? Trade it here. You need something and someone else has it? Trade it for something you've got here.

A few rules-

NO mention of money. This is a TRADE thread only. Any mention of money will get deleted.

NO advertising. This is not for store owners or people who own some type of store and want to get their stuff out there. Any advertising will be deleted.

ALL trades need to be done via PM. Any conflicts do not involve bikeforums or its agents. Trader beware!

ONLY bike related items are to be traded here. Anything else offered up for trade by either party will be deleted.

There will probably be other guidelines we'll add on. Check back with this first post for any updates. If we see repeated violations, we'll just close out the thread if it gets out of control.

Trade on!

Koffee Brown

Forum Moderator

james Haury 05-28-06 05:05 PM

I have a dahon classic 3 converted to a fixie . I use it for winter rides I have another similiar bike which works as well for this purpose and would consider a trade for a 20 inch steel or alloy wheel set up for a 6 speed freewheel . In true please ,or make me an offer for trade.Chicagoland traders preferred.As of today(06 16 2006 )i have withdrawn the offer

bookishboy 05-31-06 09:35 AM

Guy, are you selling or trading the bike? If selling it, you're very much in the wrong thread:

Originally Posted by the rules
NO mention of money. This is a TRADE thread only. Any mention of money will get deleted.

If you're trading it, you might have better success by posting what you want in exchange for it.

james Haury 06-01-06 05:46 PM

No mention
I did not mention money.

bookishboy 06-02-06 06:45 AM

Not you, James. :)

Some other person with the name "Guy(something)" posted a for-sale message, so I was pointing him elsewhere. The post is gone now, guess he removed it.

james Haury 06-02-06 06:07 PM

Sorry Guy is sort of like mac.Hey Guy, Hey Mac.

Air 06-08-06 02:38 PM

Sorry for the cross post in the BMX thread, but...

Have: 20" rear 48 spoke 16 tooth essex custom pro wheelset in excellent condition

Want: 20" rear 48 spoke 12-13-14-15-16 tooth cog with coaster brake in similar condition

NYC area would be great but not absolute.

Crankypants 09-17-06 01:35 AM

I have this steel softride that I have built up to fit someone between 5'9.5''-6'2''. I'll give more specs to the person interested. Ir really is a comfy ride and works well pulling a BOB.
I am looking for a Birdy, BF, or Swift.

subframe 09-29-06 01:48 PM

I'm looking for a new 27.2mm seatpost for my Dahon 26". I'll gladly trade my Dahon Biologic suspension seatpost for something else...

jbcNewYork 01-02-07 11:19 AM

Bike Friday Crusoe
I have a Bike Friday Crusoe (2004) that has about 200 miles on it. I thought I would be using it a lot more than I have been. I'm willing to trade it for a road or mountain bike. If you're interested send me an e-mail (


Donkey Hodie 01-16-07 09:01 AM

edit: no longer trading.

hulagun 03-19-07 06:12 PM

Want alloy handlebar (non racing)
OK, I'll reinvigorate this thread.

I'm hunting for a used 3-speed style, ATB riser bar, or curved (arc) handlebar, fairly narrow and flat. If wider than 50cm I plan to cut them down to about 40-45 cm wide. I like the Nitto Dove or Noahs Arc bars... something like either of those would be nice to try out on my Swift. Prefer silver aluminum.

Howabout a Shimano Nexus redline (32H)....?

To trade:
- Specialized Stumpjumper bought new in 1988 and stock as a rock, even the tires
- straight silver ATB (flat) bar (stock on Swift Xootr)
- Cane creek bar ends (rubber covered)
- black anodized set of bullhorn ATB bars
- Cateye LED handlebar headlight
- Bottle cap opener made from an old Schwinn sweetheart sprocket

kraftwerk 03-27-07 04:04 PM

This is somewhat Hypothetical: Would anyone be willing to trade a brand new Birdy (yellow) for a relatively new/used steel or allum. Swift (any color) ??? Have temporary oppertunity to aquire the Birdy but kinda stuck on the Swift design more than the birdy.... though the Birdy is cool in its own right.

Donkey Hodie 04-07-07 08:10 PM

Wow. Brand new birdy for a used swift....says something about the swift. I wish I had one. I almost did, but then the unexpected things happened, and no more swifts for me. :(

dtwolfen 04-11-07 07:04 PM

I am looking for an epx folding mountain bike. I could use just the frame or the entire set up depending on what you have. For trade I have a specialized bighit with normal wear, Scratches and a stretched chain. What else do you think you would want. let me know.

14R 06-17-07 01:07 AM

I have the following items that I am no longer interested willing to trade:

Vitesse saddle (from top of the line Brompton S-Type)

Dahon telescopic seatpost

original Brompton crankset and 50T chainring

Brand new Brompton brakepads (2 pairs)

Brompton brake levers

If you are interested in any of these items please contact me. I am open for suggestions for the trading...

James H Haury 06-20-07 09:52 AM

I need a heavy steel L Bracket such as would have held the rear reflector on an old schwinn or huffy etc,( it mounts on the seatpost Bolt)I have handlebars and other parts which are spare pm for a trade.

andmalc 06-25-07 08:31 AM

Perhaps there could be trade threads in Regional Forums.

Zonker 07-09-07 02:54 PM

I have two 18" Schwalbe tubes to trade for 20" tubes (406).

levity 07-13-07 01:11 AM

i have a 406-size wheelset with Velocity Deep V MTB rims and Harris Cyclery track hubs. Anyone want to swap their 451 track wheelset for mine?

gbouchar 09-26-07 05:49 PM

For trade: Dahon Speed bike and Dahon Speed frame
I have one Dahon Speed for trade please look at:

and one Dahon Speed frameset for trade at:

What i need now:

29er frame and fork, 29er fork, 29er tires, 1 * 36 holes Deore or better disk front hub., 1 * 36 holes Deore or better disk rear hub, Nice curved 26 inch ahead steel mountain bike fork (1.125 inch steer tube, not suspension corrected since it is for an old bike), Good quality 1.125 inch ahead head set, 110mm BCD triple toouring crank, 1 inch nice 110mm ahead stem (road bike), Mavic X517 32 hole 26 inch rim, Fork: 1 inch steer tube road bike fork (380mm axle to crown lenght) with caliper brake mount or steel (i could braze caliper brake mount)

Tell me what you have!!!

14R 09-26-07 11:29 PM

I have a 2007 Canondale Bad Boy Ultra with top of the line front suspension, disk brakes, 700cc tires (fully compatible with 26"to go off road), rear rack and fenders. Paid aprox. US$1400 on the package, less than 300 miles. Interested in a Brompton (any model).

Thank you.

jur 10-23-07 07:39 PM

Wanted: Downtube Mini older style stem riser (pre-2007, the one with integrated handlebar clamp). Will swap for new 2008 style height adjustable one, or buy outright.

SSDD 12-15-07 08:24 AM

I got a Koga Miyata World Traveller Type R Frame w/ suspension fork:

Want ....
Brompton/Bike Friday/Swift Frame

andmalc 12-17-07 05:08 PM

Originally Posted by SSDD (Post 5813652)
I got a Koga Miyata World Traveller Type R Frame w/ suspension fork:

Want ....
Brompton/Bike Friday/Swift Frame

What size frame is yours?

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