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Freshaire 09-07-06 10:57 PM

Giant Halfway folder - anyone have info?
I have a friend asking - she visited a LBS and saw this Giant Halfway folder. Anyone know anything about it?

Fear&Trembling 09-08-06 08:21 AM

Check out this thread:

I am sure Rafael will post soon...

Jim Freschi 09-14-06 09:22 PM

Giant Halfway
I have a Giant Halfway that I ride about 20 miles to work two or three days a week.

It's very cleverly designed and well made, quite comfortable as well....though not appreciably fast.

Changing tires is a pain...though I suspect there's a trick that I haven't figured out.

It folds up behing my desk in the office, so it works out quite well.

You have to make sure the clip on the frame is adjusted properly...if it's too loose the frame will fold, an interesting experience.

It's extremely light, and though it does look like a Pee Wee Herman bike with its cute little fenders, the fenders do their job and I arrive at work without a stripe up my back.

I bought it to help me lose weight, and it's done that very well.

Good Luck,


14R 09-15-06 09:27 AM

Sorry for the delay.

I am personally a big fan of Giant Halfway bikes, but time went buy and I think for the same $$ you can get better technology and a bike that goes faster, more confortable and stops better. Unless you can get the Rear Suspension version, really difficult to spot in the USA, I would suggest go with another brand.

Giant Customer service is also below expectation.

ram 09-16-06 10:56 PM

Halfway rear hub
Anyone happen to know who manufactures Giant's single sided rear hub? I'd like to find one for a "project" bike I'm working on, but Giant only sells the whole 20" rear wheel as a set.

Also, has anyone tried to convert the Halfway to an 8 or 9 speed by replacing the freehub body?

Thanks in advance for any info.

Leisesturm 09-20-06 11:01 AM

I have had my 1/2way for close to two years and have commuted from Brooklyn to lower Manhattan (8mi) weekdays all that time. Commuting in NYC for me is a search for the streets that will allow me to spend the most time actually in the saddle pedalling than in the air bouncing over potholes. The Giant handles all that NYC's worst roads can throw at us with aplomb. I only flatted for the first time last week!! With the single sided fork and rear end fixing a flat is easier actually. Changing a tire would be hard because there isn't any quick release to open the brakes so if there is a 'trick' to changing tires it would be to have a '3rd Hand' brake tool in your toolkit. Speaking of the brakes, they are high effort but high effort also means controllable (modulation) and that suits my riding style very well. Two fingered stopping power is all the rage but it is pretty much an all or nothing deal. Yes I think about the only improvement that could be made to the 1/2way would be more speeds on the high end. The 8 or better yet 9 speed cassette substitution is a worthwhile project.


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