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Jet Powered 09-09-06 02:30 PM

Munich U-Banh & S-Banh with Folders
Hey All...

My company is transfering me to its Munich Facility for 6 to 12 months. I have never been to the city, but I plan on bringing my folder for my primary mode of transport to compliment the local public transportation. How bike friendly is Munich? And are folders allowed on its Subways, and Suburban Railways?

Thanks for the insight!

Wavshrdr 09-10-06 08:26 AM

No problem taking a bike on the metro system. You will need to buy a special ticket for your bike though. The one way I found around this is bag it before you get on the train. A bike bag will pay for itself very quickly if you go this route. Don't take it on unfolded and unbagged unless you have the special bike ticket and have paid for it. The fines are pretty hefty. Other than that, no issues. If I remember correctly some of the cars had special bike areas.

Fear&Trembling 09-11-06 01:42 AM

Munich is very bike firendly. When I have been there, I hardly ever bothered with the U or S-Bahn.

maunakea 09-11-06 12:52 PM

If in Munich, take the S-bahn out to Lake Starnberg and cycle along the west bank.

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