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ilovebicycling 09-10-06 09:20 PM

Question: possible to fit indoor trainer on Raleigh Twenty?
I'm interested in getting one of those indoor resistance trainers that you connect to the back wheel of the bicycle and turn it into an indoor trainer.

Is it possible?

I know that the resistance trainers are adjustable for 26" and 700cc sized wheels, but will the device adjust to the small 20" wheel of the Raleigh folder?

LittlePixel 09-11-06 05:08 AM

I think the thing you'd need to check was whether the trainer could match the wheelbase of the Raleigh. I would have thought it'd be adjustable as all bikes are not the same and a Twenty's wheelbase - axle to axle isn't much shorter than a standard adult sized bike. The other thing to consider - if it's a trainer where you lift out the front wheel and clamp the forks in to keep it straight - is that because of the smaller wheel size you may find that you are leaning seriously forkward (unless the height of the clamp is adjustable.

Good luck - if you get it set up I want to hear of some astonishing R20 speed records (my own is 39mph down a local hill with the wind behind me).

juan162 09-11-06 10:23 PM

Check this site out for rollers for a 20"

I also know that Cycleops makes a 20" wheel conversion kit for their trainers. I saw one one sale on ebay once,


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