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clonmult 09-12-06 03:21 AM

Older Stridas?
Having a look at some of the older Stridas on EBay - there are a couple of Strida 1s (look good in Black), and a 2.5 going as well.

I figure the 2.5 is quite close overall to the current Strida 3, but I'm wondering how well the older 1 wears over the years - I'll be doing 60 miles a week (4x3mile rides a day), not sure that an older 1 will handle that beating, maybe the 2.5 is a better bet?

(Yah, I'm also bidding on the Downtubes, but I'm getting beat on each one, I'm trying to keep costs down ;) )

geo8rge 09-12-06 07:49 AM

See strida site for cost of upgrades. I bought a used strida. They will start selling them again in the US, It might be better to wait.

As to the Strida 3: I have to replace the folding handlebars, they are held in place by soft metal pegs that wore out (Item still in transit from UK); wrapping electircal tape around the handle bar is a temprary fix. Some minor hardware was also missing and replaced. The metal wheels are not that good, I had to true them, maybe plastic is better for 16" wheels.

clonmult 09-12-06 01:34 PM

I've looked at the price of the upgrades, they do seem a little steep ... I'll just bide my time - its a couple of weeks until I need a folder. (shoulda said that I'm in the UK)

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