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LittlePixel 09-24-06 06:37 PM

Tyrell bikes anyone?
Once again the Japanese seem to have the coolest bikes on offer. This Tyrell sorta looks like the mid-point between a Moulton and a Swift. I can just imagine Deckard on one...Me likey...

spambait11 09-24-06 10:35 PM

My what thin chainstays!

LittlePixel 09-25-06 05:51 AM

Yeah they almost look like cable a la the Puma folder...

MnHPVA Guy 09-25-06 06:48 PM

Most likely they are flat plate, probably carbon fiber. No swing arm pivot needed and if the upper link is sturdy enough, a very intelligent design.

Marleetet 09-25-06 08:46 PM

My Japanese is very rusty- so I might have missed it, but, I didn't see any mention of being a folder.


LittlePixel 09-26-06 06:11 PM

Marl - Sometimes me and a few others sneak the odd small wheeled bike into this forum as there is nowhere else more suited. If it offends we can try to make it clearer in the thread titles. ;)

Marleetet 09-28-06 03:03 PM

Didn't bother me- I'm new to this folding bike stuff- so that was more of a "This is a folder?", if so "How does this thing fold?"


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