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LittlePixel 09-25-06 04:33 PM

Continental Sport Contacts in 406 size.
Maybe they aren't exactly ews but they are to me.
They look sweet and skinny:

Anyone have any experience with them? Are they comparable with /better in some ways than:
1) Schwalbe Stelvios,
2) Conti Grand Prix,
3) Primo Comet
4) Vredenstein S-Licks?

Comments on a postcard to... ;)

Fear&Trembling 09-25-06 04:42 PM

I used a Conti Sport Contact (on the front wheel) for 6 months without a single puncture. The max PSI is 85, and they roll OK (not as good in this respect as Stelvios or Conti Grnd Prixs though). Weight wise, they are pretty heavy for a ERTO 406/28mm tyre (IIRC about 350g), but they were tough and hard wearing. The only negative is that they are difficult to seat on the rim.

To conclude - a good commuter tyre.

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