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Crankypants 09-27-06 01:03 PM

Internal hubbed DTFS
I haven't been able to recover the thread, but didn't somebody (maunakea?)mount an internal hub on their DTFS? If so, was it only a chain tensioner that made it work? Does it change gears smoothly, unaffected by the rear suspension? I'm already dreaming up another mod for next spring...:rolleyes:

bookishboy 09-27-06 05:50 PM

I think you want to talk to brucemetras, though he may not have been the only one to modify his DTFS in that way.

maunakea 09-27-06 07:07 PM

That was one of Bruce's mods... it works even with the rear shock.... of course, the OE preload setting on the rear shock is very stiff so it is virtually a hardtail.

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