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PuttPutt 09-30-06 03:04 PM

Meerkat H1 20-incher by General ??
I picked up a Meerkat H1 dual 20" by General. It is NOT a folder. It looks like a 20 inch BMX, but has a taller seat tube and a 37x68mm threaded BB. It is also a 12 speed. Frame and fork are chromoly, with cast dropouts. Clearly an adult, 20" wheeled bike. Does anybody have wisdom of such a creature?

bookishboy 09-30-06 04:12 PM

Nothing specific to add, but maybe your experience with this bike can add to this recent ongoing discussion:

Subject is "custom mini-bikes". Again, not folders, but many of them seem to use the ERTO 406 wheels that bmx bikes like.

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