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jur 10-16-06 10:31 PM

Removing the kickstand off a Raleigh 20
I want to service, and possibly replace with aluminium, the stock steel kickstand on my R20. Any ideas on how to remove it from the housing that is welded on to the BB shell? (I want to retain it.)

pxboii 10-16-06 11:26 PM

I remove my kick stand last year from my r20. I think if I remember correctly there's a pin holding the kick stand in place. if the bike is gummy with dirt/grease you may not find it right away. Use a thin screwdriver and puch it out with a hammer. Next, puch/pull out the kickstand it self. Get some WD-40 in there it will help. Good luck.

LittlePixel 10-17-06 03:19 AM

Hey jur - did you get your decals yet?
When I did mine I made a tool from a piece of pipe from an online tutorial I found to remove the kickstand from a Raleigh Chopper bike. (looks feverishly on international network for said page)

Aha - here you are.

I must admit I didn't have a proper g-clamp and wasn't entirely successful doing this procedure (the spring is VERY strong). I bailed in a fit of impatience and weight-weenieness and removed the whole assembly with a Dremel in the end. Next time I'll be more sympathetic to the bike...

jur 10-17-06 04:05 AM

Oh yes, sorry, I'm hopeless. I got 'em very fast, thanks a stack!

I couldn't find a matching paint for the R20 frame but settled for a lighter shade; since then I have seen some ebay photos (posted by you, no less) that show them in exactly that shade, so I'm chuffed! Tonight I'm starting on the chain guard.

jur 10-17-06 04:13 AM

And thanks for that stand removal linky! I would have lost patience if I had to figure it out, and stuffed something up in the process.

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