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odyssic 10-18-06 02:07 PM

Mezzo folder US dealer
Does the Mezzo have a dealer in the US? I can't seem to find one online?

Also, how are the Mezzos doing in terms of popularity? When they came out it seemed that they were going to be very hot sellers, but I haven't heard much about them (in the US) or seen one.



matt52 10-18-06 02:43 PM

I haven't seen any about in London since buying mine. But I haven't regretted it. Top bike in every respect. Super rigid and v tough. ATB had a lot of Mezzos on their stand at Cycle 06 in London, so don't think any chance of them easing up on promotional push in short term - indeed now seem to be introducing new colours (anodised black) and possibly a 3x9speed. Check out the pic at the top of this page. Wonder how many other super compact folders you could manage that sort of riding on?

matt52 10-18-06 03:00 PM will ship to the states from the UK for £60. With VAT deducted, your only cost above UK street price would be whatever evil import duty the States levy on bikes entering the country. Not sure that much need for a dealer - the bike uses straightforward parts near throughout, certainly not problematic for your LBS to service where needed.

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