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odyssic 10-18-06 02:15 PM

Birdy II
Does anyone own a Birdy II? I'm wondering if it is worth the price increase of the classic birdy's? I guess the difference is mostly the weight and the looks.

In the US so far there is only the 1 color "Anthracite" but I think that changes in 07.


Fear&Trembling 10-18-06 02:59 PM

The new monocoque frame is 150gm lighter and also stiffer than the old frame (according to R&M). The stepover height is also a couple of inches lower.

Various developments with the R&M range have been covered in this forum, but for more info check the Birdy Freunde website. There is a useful log charting the changes to the Birdy model over the years (this includes developments for 2007).

Incidentally, the Frog has been discontinued...

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