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BigMacFU 11-02-06 05:25 PM

20" folding tires and possible winter tires
Hey guys, just wondering if there is anybody who makes a 20" foldable tire? I keep an extra tube in my bag for commutes, but figured it might be good to add a foldable tire too. Never mind on 20" winter tires, just found some on bike tires direct.

Fear&Trembling 11-03-06 02:54 AM

I have not come across many folding tyres in the 406 size, but there is a folding Stelvio. However, I would not recommend this tyre for winter use.

trentschler 11-03-06 05:13 AM

KHE Premium Folding tire - 55-406. Check out:

invisiblehand 11-03-06 09:12 AM

Yes. There is the folding Marathon Racer (1.5") in addition to the Stelvio mentioned earlier.

You can find both here ...

BigMacFU 11-03-06 01:32 PM

thanks guys, I found the stelvio the other night but was hoping for something with more protection. The folding tire would be a back up. I found stud tires for 20"'ers and will probably order a pair just in case nyc gets another record breaking 2 ft. snow in one night like last year, heck, subways shut down because of it, but I'll still have to teach!

norfolk bolt 11-03-06 03:55 PM

what exactly is a folding tyre please?
what exactly is a folding tyre please?

BigMacFU 11-04-06 10:55 AM

it's one where the bead (the part that keeps the tire in the rim when in use) is able to collapse so that the tire can be folded compactly while not in use. It's convenient because you can keep a spare this way.

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