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Ericx25 11-05-06 07:12 AM

Headset easy to dismantle ?
Luxembourg, le 05 novembre


I've just ordered a Xootr and I am considering upgrading it to make it easier to dismantle and fit in a small suitcase.
I'll use a shimano 105 Bottom Bracket (I have one on my BF and it take 15 seconds to remove the bottom bracket).
But since the Xootr has a bigger frame than my BF, it would be nice if I could dismantle the headset as well.
Does anyone know a headset easy to remove and put back again (without the need of heavy tools).

Thanks for reading my post.


juan162 11-05-06 07:19 AM

Check out this Diatech headset:

It can be easily taken apart with a stabdard allen's what's on my Raleigh Twenty,


BigMacFU 11-05-06 09:49 AM

sorry to threadjack,but I miss luxembourg, studied abroad at Miami U's chateau in Differdange and lived in Bettembourg. That is such a beautiful little country with the best Rieslings.

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