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juan162 11-05-06 11:29 AM

Magnesium Frame?
I've seen a couple folders with magnesium frames for sale. I've never heard of such a thing. I'm figuring there's a good reason why bigger bike manufacturers don't make magnesium frames. Does anyone have any thoughts? BTW, the 2 that I have seen are of the cheaper variety of folders,

LittlePixel 11-05-06 05:47 PM

They catch fire if they get too hot? ;)

Jasoncary 01-09-07 04:52 PM

NO they don't catch on fire:p They are not pure magnesium and even if they were they would have to reach temputures of over 1200 degrees farenhieght. So unless you plan on riding on the sun do not worry about catching on fire!

geo8rge 01-11-07 04:29 PM

Magnesium is new so established companies might not want to risk it.

I think magnesium frames are cast, a technique established makers have not experience with.

randya 01-11-07 06:45 PM

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