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LittlePixel 12-11-06 02:18 PM

Rover and Jaguar bikes!
Despite being bankrupt - Rover seem to be doing well in Japan, having borrowed the Dahon Sweetpea frame... Got to love those brown sidewall wheels:

And this - a 'Jaguar' NightBoy™ LOL....
Looks... Like... A... Downtube... To... Me...

Oh and these Raleigh Twenty knockoffs are pretty cute too:

Full scope of variety and craziness here; Why do the Japanese get all the folding bike fun?

ahorner1946 12-11-06 10:43 PM

Folders in Japan
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I enjoyed seeing the different folders! It would seem there is quite a variety of folders there! I would like to get more info on the Twenty Knockoffs. I don't want to get one, but just know more about them!! I plan on staying with the real thing!

Thanks for posting the pictures and the links!


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