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austin-rider 12-17-06 07:09 PM

What bike is this? (found on Craigslist)

This bicycle is comfortable, fun to ride and easy to use. It comes with fenders, spring loaded rear carry rack, rear flasher and kick stand. It is a great bike for commuters, RV travelers or for just cruising around town. With 20" wheels and a 2-speed gear system (back peddle to change from one gear to the other) this is a fun bike to ride.

You don't have to struggle with bike racks as this bike folds up to fit safely out-of-sight in the trunk or the back seat of your car. Made in Austria
Contact me now to buy this folding bike.

Location: North Las Vegas

nollij 12-18-06 03:21 AM

I'm prety sure it's this.
They've been around forever, but I have no personal experience with them. Best of luck.

Guy Yinon 12-18-06 03:56 AM

Its a 'U-Frame' folder.
Lots of those bikes/frame are available around the world (I used to ride a similar bike).
Some are nice to ride around town BUT the U-frame folder is inferior to other desighs such as the Twenty and the BF.

I dont recall who, but a member had upgraded a U-Frame folding bike and enjoys his creation very much

LittlePixel 12-18-06 11:34 AM

That was a sweet black fixie - it's on the Fixed Gear gallery and the owner posted here (Dutch I think) but I don't recall his name.

grayvw 12-21-06 10:41 AM

I may be the person Guy is referring to. I picked up an old Royce Union u-tube folder from the trash a few months ago and retrofitted alloy wheels and a Shimano 333 hub. It was originally a single-speed coaster brake bike. I think for $35 (maybe $30) this should be a good deal. The hub you're describing sounds like a Sachs Torpedo duomatic.

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