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SesameCrunch 12-21-06 11:08 AM

Ikea UK gives away 9000 folding bikes to employees
What a great idea!

"It's a Håppî Christmüs from Sweden as Ikea UK gives all 9000 'co-workers' folding bikes as this year's corporate gift. The largesse is even more impressive when put into market context: Brompton, for instance, sells c. 12,000 folding bikes a year so this move from Ikea is a big boost to the folding bike sector (and, from later tonight, there's likely to be a fair few blue folding bikes on eBay...)"

Full story here:

LittlePixel 12-21-06 12:11 PM

Döes it comë apart with jüst one allen key?

LittlePixel 12-31-06 11:22 AM

As predicted by someone - you cannot *move* on for these critters being offloaded. Kind of sad the staff members couldn't think beyond hawking them and maybe even try riding them to work.

(Though if they'd splashed a bit more and given people Bromptons or the Raleigh/Dahon Boardwalk clone I think maybe more people might have given them a try)

LittlePixel 12-31-06 01:34 PM

PS: Yes

PPS: Tiny!

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