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Guy Yinon 12-23-06 10:43 AM

Merida GJ16 - Seeking information
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Hi !
Does someone know this model (All I know is that its single speed, 16'' wheels and the frame is made from steel).
Will it survive my 11 mile commute ride (will I survive it ?)

matt52 12-23-06 04:36 PM

It looks like any number of rather cheap and nasty folders that dominate the Ebay folding bike listings - like this and this and this which all retail for around £70. However if anything it appears rather cheaper and nastier than any of them - the hinge looks less than impressive, the pedals and cranks rather horrid and the handlebars and stem not nice either. Plus I'd bet it weighs a ton. On the positive side, it does have mudguards.

I personally wouldn't dream of doing 11 miles on it. Particularly with no gearing (put tin hat on and waits for fixie brigade to tell me I am wrong). Possibly a few hundred yards to the shops and back, but that's about it. But do let us know if you decide to try it!

matt52 12-23-06 04:42 PM

And it doesn't have anything on this Merida folding bike aimed at the Chinese that would be worth commuting to work on, if only to see the looks on people's faces (probably mostly of concern, wondering when the "seatpost" is going to give...)

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